Senin, 16 Oktober 2017

Indonesia's Strategy To Decrease The Terrorism Risk

Terrorism still become trending topic in the world's discussion. Terrorism, as we know, is a bad kind of anomaly of humanity. Terrorism causes distructions and damage human right, especially for live peacefully.

Discuss about terrorism we have to relate it with some incidents that occur in many countries. There are many victims spreadout and injured. We do nothing for help them. One by one, building fall down and some attacks treath everything there.

As we know, approximately 650 percen of terrorism incidents  occured in 2015. It's more than incidents number in 2014. How terrible that is!

United Nations (UN) that we hope bring the peace of world, they only shut up and no action. Some countries which have power to againt terrorism just keep silent.

Children who become next generation and will be our light in the future should get an usefull education but in fact they exercise how to kill the others and fight to their opponents. How can they do that?

Terrorist has destroyed infrastructure and caused bad conditions, specifically in investation sector and governance.

In the other hand, people say that it was happened when law and juatice system in Indonesia is not equitable and the economy is unbalance. The other says it's happened because of security syatem in Indonesia is not safe anymore.

There was strenght relation between terrorism and some groups of radical organization. Someone says that terrorism is connected with ISIL, but actually that information disreliable nor valid. Those factors make fluctuation of Global Terrorism Index (GTI) cannot to be decreased. Terrorism could be occured everytime. Like Indonesia's condition. Those factors make GTI of Indonesia is worse than other countries. The posisition of Indonesia's GTI ia about 4 from 0 - 10 scale. It means that Indonesia is riskier than other countries, especially in Southeast Asia countries (ASEAN). The impact of terrorism in Indonesia may growing bigger and bigger significantly and also treath people everytime.

We hope that terrorism can be eradicated from Indonesia.  One policy that can be done like the goverment must ensure the terrorism movement in Indonesia is getting limited. In order, the risk of incident of terrorism can be decreased. Indonesian army should be to protect all of the boundaries. So, the terrorist will not enter in Indonesia again.(*)